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Auditions for Romeo and Juliet

Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park is seeking youth actors age 13–21 and adults for roles in its summer 2015 free outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Enrico Spada and running July 16–August 2 at the First Street Common. The play rehearses nights and weekends beginning June 23. Auditions will be held by appointment Friday, February 20 from 6pm-10pm and Sunday, February 22 from 10am–3pm in the Lichtenstein Center at 28 Renne Ave.

Youth actors should prepare a short speech (12-16 lines) of one of Shakespeare’s young characters (see below). Young actors will audition in small groups in hour-long slots. Email your headshot and resume to to sign up for an audition slot.

Potential sources for youth text in Shakespeare include A Midsummer Night’s Dream(Helena, Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander), The Tempest (Miranda, Ferdinand), Romeo and Juliet (Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Benvolio), Much Ado About Nothing (Hero, Claudio), All’s Well That Ends Well (Helena, Bertram), King Lear (Cordelia), The Winter’s Tale (Florizel, Perdita), etc. and can be found online here. (Your chosen text does not have to match your gender.) We will also work with sides, which will be provided before the auditions.

Adult actors will be asked to read from sides provided before the auditions. Non-union only. A small stipend may be available.

Character Breakdown

NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR ON CHARACTER AGES: I’m not so much interested in the actor’s actual age, but what age they embody on stage. Parents should be old enough to look unquestionably like parents, kids young enough to look like kids.

Roles for Teens:

ROMEO, clever and romantic, never does anything halfway, including falling in love.

JULIET, witty and smarter than her age, isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

MERCUTIO, Romeo’s friend of royal heritage, loves to party and make bawdy jokes. Very skilled with a rapier. Can be played male or female.

BENVOLIO, Romeo’s cousin and friend, a peacekeeper and helper. Can be played male or female.

TYBALT, Juliet’s cousin who hates the Montagues, prideful. Very skilled with a rapier. Can be played male or female.

PARIS, a Count in love with Juliet. Kind and forthright. May be older, age 18 to early twenties.

PAGE TO PARIS, a young assistant of sorts to Count Paris. Can be male or female as young as 13.

PETER, a servant in the Capulet household who cannot read, isn’t the most effective. Can be younger or older.

BALTHASAR & ABRAHAM, Montague teenagers who get into a fight with the Capulets. Can be male or female. Balthasar might be slightly younger than his peers.

SAMPSON & GREGORY, Capulet teenagers who get into a fight with the Montagues. Can be male or female.

Roles for Adults:

LORD CAPULET, Juliet’s father who loves his daughter and thinks he knows what’s best for her. 40s-50s.

LADY CAPULET, Juliet’s mother, a little out of her depth when it comes to connecting with her daughter. 30s-40s.

FRIAR LAURENCE, a mentor and friend to Romeo, idealistic and eager to do something good for the community. 30s-50s.

NURSE, Juliet’s nursemaid, her nanny, best friend and protector. 30s-60s.

LORD MONTAGUE / AS CAST, Romeo’s father, distant but caring. 40s-60s.

LADY MONTAGUE / AS CAST, Romeo’s mother, worried yet caring. 40s-60s.

PRINCE / AS CAST, trying to keep the peace in a community that just can’t won’t listen. 30s-50s. Can be male or female.